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We all know the benefits of walking, and it’s an activity that most older adults are already doing each day.

If you are starting to lose a little enthusiasm for your daily walk though, why not try some of these suggestions to keep it interesting.

  • When you cross the road, do five jumping jacks when you get to the other side.
  • If you walk past a court, try jogging or running the whole way around.
  • When you pass a bus stop do five squats.
  • When you smell a beautiful flower, close your eyes and balance on your toes for 10 seconds – focus on the smell.

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We’re going on a bear hunt!

Going on a bear hunt

Have you seen them? When you’re out for your walk this week, keep a keen eye out for bears – they are popping up everywhere!

People all around the world are now putting bears and toys in their front windows, on verandahs, and at front doors, in an endeavour to make walking a little more fun for the kids – but it’s just as fun for the adults!

Next time you’re out walking, be on the lookout for a bear or two, and share the joy. Consider putting a toy or teddy bear in your own front window too – the kids (and adults!) will appreciate it.