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Class Plans

We know how much time it takes to put together a new class each week – sometimes longer than the class runs for! So we want to make things a little easier, and have created some fun and effective class plans that include exercises and workouts tailored specifically for older adults.

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Our class plans include:

  • Choreography for warm-ups and cardio routines, that you can then teach using your own method
  • Exercises and repetitions
  • Equipment needed
  • Circuit layouts
  • Estimated timings

Chair-based workouts are for participants that may not want to get on the floor, might have trouble with balance, or might not have the strength to stand for long periods of time.

Chair-based exercise can still give the whole body a great workout, and our plans include standing, sitting, and stretching exercises.

There are so many ways to run a Circuit class, so we’ve given you a few ideas for how you can do things differently. We use our Circuit Cards in our classes, so all exercises included also have a corresponding Circuit Card that you can purchase.

Circuit Class Plans come with a freestyle warm up (and video to demonstrate the moves), stations, layout and structure, and format for how to run your class.

Dumbbells, Plates, Mediballs
Step, Dumbbells
Dumbbells, Bands, Mediballs/Balls

Heart classes combine the best of both worlds – a freestyle cardio routine to get the body moving, and then chair-based resistance and balance exercises to build strength.

Class plans include a freestyle routine (and video demonstration), as well as standing and seated chair exercises.

Chair, Dumbbells
Chair, Dumbbells
Chair, Dumbbells

Strength classes are designed to challenge the whole body – cardio bursts, resistance exercises using weights, steps, and other equipment, and floor exercises. It’s a challenging workout where you can really push your class.

PLUS #02
PLUS #06
Plate, Dumbbells
PLUS #09
Step, Plate

Our Zest classes provide a whole body workout for the participant, focusing on co-ordination, cardio, strength and balance. Each plan includes a freestyle routine, weights section, and floor exercises, and we even give you a video to help understand how our freestyle routines run.

ZEST #01
Dumbbells, Mat
ZEST #06
Dumbbells, Mat